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Few years ago my friend and I were discussing about Aston Martin litterature.

We noticed that art book with beautiful cars & pictures were poor in data & stories, or about the mechanics, on the other hands books dedicated on mechanics, restoration and data were poor in beautiful pictures.

we can't find a book with proper comparison (means with accurate view side by side) between DB2 to 2/4 MkI & MkII & MkIII, even about the 5 series of so on, 

Consequently we said there is a place for an art & technical book.

That was the starting point of our project to write a new book.

Our book won't treat about the restoration or the way to maintain an Aston, it will show with beautiful pictures (I hope) each road model in details, Front, back, both side view, inside, engines in different version, colors, Right or Left hand drive, saloon, convertible or fixed head coupe, and the very rare hard top coupe (most of the books only show hard top on floor, except the late Roger Stowers pictures.

For that I investigated in AMOC litterature to find what, where and who would be the goal of my quest.

Over the last 6 years I went to different places around europe to visit owners and take pictures. The process was enhanced over the multiple sessions.

I am still looking for cars as described on 1st page.

Below are the pictures about the 1997 Louis Klemanstaki Amoc photo concour.