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The main thread of the book is to show dates after dates, years after years, the evolution and the comparisons between the various models.

We can describe David Brown Era in two decades, the 50's and the 60's.

The fisrt decade was about the DB2 up to the MKIII, which was the last evolution of the DB2

The second decade started with the DB4 (a complete new car, new concept, new generation), and ended with the DB6 MKII, which was as well the last evolution.

The beginning of the seventies shows the end of the 6 cylinders, the beginning of the 8 cylinders era, a major change in shareholders. But this is another story.

below an extract of the table of content

Model TYPE Year Nombre L/R Chassis Engine
DB 2  2 Seater coupe Mi50-A53 304    LMA 49/1 LB6B / 2580 cc / 105 bhp
DB 2  Drophead coupe Mi50-A53 102   à  LML 49/3 J51 LB6V - Vantage 125bhp
DB 2  Graber drophead Mi50-A53 3    LML 50/5  
DB 2  Graber drophead Mi50-A53 2   à LML 50/406 VB6B - Later Vantage 125bhp
DB 2/4 Mk I  4 Seater saloon O53-Sp55 454   LML501 - 1065 VB6 E 2580 cc / 140 bhp
DB 2/4 Mk I Fixed Head coupe   1   3008/  
DB 2/4 Mk I  Drophead coupe O53-Sp55 102     Light Camshaft Large Valve
DB 2/4 Mk I Special O53-Sp55 8     later VB6 J